Weekly Special for February 4th – February 28th

$165 Furnished and Installed Badger 5 Garbage Disposal.


The In-Sink-Erator Badger 5 food waste disposer adds quality, performance, and reliability to the innovative product features found in waste disposal units. Powered by rugged induction motors and mounted to your sink with tough, stainless steel assemblies, In-Sink-Erator disposers are designed for years of trouble-free service. The included heavy-duty dura-drive motor is designed and manufactured to the same exacting specifications found in major appliances like washers and dryers. The increased horsepower allows the disposer to grind even tough bones quickly and efficiently, while the stainless steel construction in the grind system prevents corrosion from shortening the life of the disposer. Other features include insulated sound shells that shield grind chamber noise, and additional sound deadening with a secondary sound baffle.

Call 865-544-0221 today to replace your old garbage disposal with a brand new Badger 5!

*Special only covers garbage disposal replacement. / Installation does not include electric work.

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