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It’s almost summer, school is out and we know all the teachers are ready for some summer fun!!  That means you will be enjoying more time at home.  That also means your plumbing will get more use.  Things can happen and we don’t want you to have to waste a minute of  your precious summer break with plumbing worries.

If you homeschool, it’s a time for sprinkler play and other water fun.  Lots of showers and baths and hopefully some time for mom and dad to relax and soak away their worries.  We’re thinking of you too!!

So, to say THANK YOU to all the teachers we want to offer this great discount to you.

This coupon is good for 10% off of any service.  Coupon is good for one time use and expires 6/30/2014.  Please mention coupon when calling to schedule service.  Discount not to exceed $100.

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